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What can you expect from a typical Volcano Joe performance?  Here’s just one example:


The evening starts as the band plays the perfect Jimmy Buffet/Tropical music as the guests enter the event.  This is the perfect way to set the mood. This music will continue through dinner so that the guests can listen and enjoy the music while still being able to talk to their fellow guests.


Once the dinner is over, it’s time to party.  No two parties are ever the same, but one thing we know – the dance floor WILL be full.  With the help of our interactive Bartender/DJ, the party never stops.  Sometimes, the audience just wants to dance.  Other times, we get them going using one of our many interactive features (dance floor volleyball, conch-blowing contest, limbo and many more).  Either way, your guests are sure to have a great time partying with America’s #1 Beach Party Band –


Volcano Joe and The Hot Lava Band.


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